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Resources For Optimal Health

Welcome to the ANMC's Healthy YOUniversity

These resources are here for you IN ADDITION to what you are receiving at the center and with your coach.

They will help you clarify key points, learn additional more in-depth versions of your trainings, and give you materials to apply it to your life. 

With Healthy YOUniversity, you can:

  • Learn as you go
  • Access material at any time
  • Join a private Facebook Group where you can get help, ideas, and support from people that are just like YOU!
  • Personalized Student Dashboard which is your own space so you know where you left off, check out all available courses
  • Bonus Features such as videos, key articles, recipes, and demonstrations.  All are downloads to make transferring what you learn into your real-life EASY!

These resources as part of your multi-session protocol program at ANMC Holistic Health and are FREE to you to use the length of your program.